At the Apple IFC store in Hong Kong, I learned movie programs like Final Cut Pro and Motion and also got lots of tutoring in design.  I am very grateful for this.

You can see more about my research and teaching on the Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Research page my website, Ba Lao Shi Perfect English

I was also working on accompanying flashcards. I decided to make the flashcards the priority because I could finish them sooner and did a Kickstarter campaign.​

Vocabulary Victory gets its own category because it is both a creative and a business endeavor

Vocabulary Victory

I was working on a series of workbooks.

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The Kickstarter campaign was successful!

In my English teaching business in Hong Kong, Ba Lao Shi Perfect English, I started noticing pretty early (2014-2015) that HK student's reading comprehension ability was quite low, even among good students.  I started teaching more and more reading comprehension and further noticed that the student's vocabularies were even lower than their reading comprehension