I do English teaching and training, writing and editing, and teacher training. I've consulted for companies big and small and even for government agencies.

You can find my business on 
Facebook and YouTube.

My teaching credentials and experience are pretty extensive and are well documented on my website.

You can find my business on

Facebook and YouTube.

 I taught writing workshops for the Phd Science and Communication students at Hong Kong Baptist University...

...taught teacher-training workshops...

...got a bit involved in local education issues...

My students in Japan called Bob Sensei, which in Chinese is Ba Lao Shi.

It took some doing, but I gradually built my brand and reputation. 

...wrote some editorials for the South China Morning Post newspaper ( CLICK to see my SCMP page)

---and taught some classes as a service to the community.

Now Ba Lao Shi Perfect English is getting pretty well known!   As I write this I have over 12,000 Facebook followers!


And you can see my old Tsuen Wan office on the About -- Life in Asia  Hong Kong page by CLICKING HERE.