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Mystery. Romance. Exotic places. The supernatural. As a writer, they are what I’ve always been drawn to. As a kid, I liked to write fantasy stories. As an adult, I have done some public storytelling performances, published articles, had plays produced and had my first book published in 1994, then a second one in 2000. Both were non-fiction.

Then those exotic places started calling and I moved first to Japan, then to China, then Korea, and now Hong Kong. Along this road, working both a consultant and teacher, I have been able to continue writing. Besides my blogs and published articles, I have written two (currently unpublished) books: a non-fiction personal narrative about my experiences in Asia, Asian Dreams, which juxtaposes my life and encounters against major news events and a romantic mystery (and supernatural) novel, Shanghai Passion. The latter is actually the first volume of what will be a series. You can read about them (and check out a sample) under Works. I am represented for these by longtime Hollywood agent Stuart M. Miller. Interested publishers and media people should contact him (see the Contact page). For the Chinese translation version of Shanghai Passion, I am represented by Hong Liang, Senior Partner of the Everbright Law Firm in Shanghai (see the Contact page).

I read a lot of mystery romance fiction and supernatural stuff, and I like talking about them, so I started a blog, The Mystery Romance Blog. And my wonderful wife Amy and I have a Tumblr blog called East West Dreams amyandrob.tumblr.com about life and living in Hong Kong and Asia.

You can check out my marketing, PR, and communications consulting business at www.robertbadalconsulting.com, which also has a YouTube and Google+ page. And my associated English teaching business, Ba Lao Shi Perfect English, www.balaoshi.com. It also has Facebook, YouTube, and Google + sites. You can also follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, link up on LinkedIn, or friend me on Facebook. You can also follow my stories about life in China on CNN. Just click the icons on this page.