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Hello and welcome.

Mystery. Romance. Exotic places. The supernatural. Its what I’ve always been drawn to. As a kid, I liked to write fantasy stories. I drifted away from it (the voice of reason doing its awful job on me) but I did write some articles and have some plays produced and had my first book published in 1994, then a second one in 2000. Both were non-fiction.

Then those exotic places started calling and I moved first to Japan, then to China. Somewhere along this road, reason thankfully gave way to passion. My upcoming romantic mystery (and supernatural) novel has been in the works for a while, since I started traveling to China (2006). It’s actually the first volume of what will be a trilogy and is called Shanghai Passion. You can read about it (and check out a sample) under Works. I am proud to be represented for this by longtime Hollywood agent Stuart M. Miller. Interested publishers and media people should contact him (see the Contact page).

I read a lot of mystery romance fiction and supernatural stuff, and I like talking about them, so I have started a new blog, The Mystery Romance Blog. You can find it under Blogs.

You can follow me on Twitter, link up on LinkedIn, or friend me on Facebook. You can also follow my stories about life in China on CNN. Just click the icons on this page.